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PC Maintenance, Training & Consulting Services in The Kawarthas. 

​We ONLY use legal software. We will not install or reinstall unlicensed software. All on-site and pick-up service calls are by appointment only. Please see our FAQ and Contact Hours prior to requesting support.

Social Media Strategy & Ongoing Support

  • Facebook / Twitter / Instagram development, set up for you to manage yourself, or we can develop
    ​a strategy and we will manage the feeds on your behalf.

  • Contact us for pricing or additional information.​

Promotional Advertising Design

  • Brochures, flyers, menus, newspaper ads, online content, posters and more.
  • We will spend time with you and your business to capture the personality and flavour in your advertising.
  • Contact us for pricing or additional information.

​Computer Maintenance & Cleaning

Diagnostics: $40.00 Flat-Rate

  • Diagnostic charge for all computer-related issues.
  • This is required to diagnose and assess issues with the computer prior to a quote being generated.
  • The charge is waived if services are agreed to be completed.

Computer Security & Antivirus

General Office Administration

  • Need assistance with the back end of your business?
  • Forms Graphs, charts and organisational methods that suit your needs, and strategies to ​make the day-to-day business as smooth and easy as possible.
  • Contact us for pricing or additional information.

Health Check & Optimisation (Advanced)

  • In-Shop: $100.00 Flat-Rate
  • Maintenance for machines that have not had service in a long period of time, or have been exposed to a virus, malware or other form of security breach.
  • In-Shop Service Only.

Marketing, Media & Administration

On-Site Labour Rate: $60.00 /hour

  • Our on-site hourly rate for all services.
  • Diagnostics ($40.00) waived with service.
  • 1 hour minimum, ½ hour increments thereafter.
  • Trip charge applies if 10km outside service area. See FAQ for details.

Tech Consulting

  • On-Site: Hourly
  • In home or in office tech consulting. 
  • Considering changing things up? We'll assist you with what you need to get for hardware, software and peripherals.
  • On-site service only.

Virus / Malware Removal & Optimisation

  • In-Shop: $140.00 Flat-Rate
  • Removal of viruses, malware, spyware, and other forms of malicious programs from the computer.
  • Includes our advanced ​maintenance service.​
  • In-Shop Service Only.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware Protection Software

  • Subscription: Contact for Info /year
  • Complete PC protection that actually works.
  • Protecting you from Ransomware, Bots/Backdoors, Banking Trojans, and PUPs.
  • 4 proven protection layers to block online threats on all levels​.
  • In-Shop, On-site, or Remote.

Standard Service Rates

Branding Continuity

  • Business cards, letterheads, business signage, etc.
  • Have all aspects of your business look professional and polished, with your branding.
  • Contact us for pricing or additional information.

Remote Support Rate: $30.00 /½ hour

  • Ideal for quick fixes that are software related.
  • Minimum ½ hour charge. 15 minute increments thereafter.
  • This service is for active registered clients only.

Small Business Tech Services

Simple Solutions for Your Small Business / Office Computers.

Health Check & Optimisation (Standard)

  • In-Shop: $80.00 Flat-Rate​
  • On-Site: Hourly
  • Computer maintenance for regularly maintained machines. Usually recommended every 6 months.
  • On-site, remote support, or In-Shop.