• ​We ONLY use legal software. We will not install or reinstall unlicensed software.
  • All on-site and drop-off service calls are by appointment only.
  • Please see our FAQ for information prior to requesting support.

Virus / Malware Removal & Optimisation

  • In-Shop: $120.00Flat-Rate
  • Includes our advanced ​maintenance service.
  • In-Shop Service Only.

On-Site Labour Rate: $50.00/hour

  • Our on-site hourly rate for all services.
  • Diagnostics ($60.00) waived with service.
  • 1 hour minimum, ½ hour increments thereafter.
  • Trip charge applies if 10km outside service area. See FAQ for details.​

One on One Education

  • On-Site:Hourly
  • Students/Seniors:$40.00/hour
  • On-site service only.

Diagnostics: $60.00 Flat-Rate

  • Diagnostic charge for all computer-related issues. No exceptions.
  • This is required to diagnose and assess issues with the computer prior to a quote being generated.
  • The charge is waived if services are agreed to be completed.

Data Management & Recovery

Computer Setup & Customisation

  • In-Shop: $120.00Flat-Rate
  • ​​​​On-Site: Hourly
  • On-site or In-Shop.​

Printer Setup/Support

  • ​​​On-Site: Hourly
  • On-site service only.

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Wireless Networking

  • On-Site: Hourly
  • On-site service only.

​Computer Maintenance

Computer Security & Managed Services

Data Transfer & Backup

  • In-Shop: Starting at $40.00 Flat-Rate
  • ​On-Site: Hourly
  • On-site or In-Shop.​

In-Shop Labour Rate: Variable Flat-Rate

  • Drop-off rates for general flat-rate services.
  • Diagnostics ($60.00) waived with service.
  • Custom Flat-Rates can be assigned to custom issues.

Secure Format

  • ​In-Shop: $40.00 Flat-Rate
  • In-Shop Service Only.

Solutions For Your Home/Home Office

Parental Control & Internet Content Filtering

  • On-Site: Hourly
  • On-site service only.​​

Managed Security Services

  • Remote: Monthly Plan

Health Check & Optimisation (Standard)

  • In-Shop: $40.00Flat-Rate​
  • On-Site: Hourly
  • On-site, remote support, or In-Shop.

Health Check & Optimisation (Advanced)

  • In-Shop: $75.00Flat-Rate
  • In-Shop Service Only.

Call or Text

Tech Services & OS Support

Email Setup/Support

  • ​​​​On-Site: Hourly
  • Remote support or on-site service.

Managed Services & PC Maintenance
in The Kawarthas


Remote Support Rate: $25.00/½ hour

  • Our remote support rate billed in 15 minute increments.
  • Ideal for quick fixes that are software related.
  • Minimum ½ hour charge. 15 minute increments thereafter.
  • This service is for active clients only.

Data Recovery

  • ​In-Shop: $80.00 - $150.00
  • Off-Site Recovery Centre: Variable
  • In-Shop Service Only.

Standard Service Rates