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Data Recovery Services in Lindsay, ON

We've Got Your Back With Data Recovery

We understand that losing your data can be catastrophic and alleviating the stress that comes with that, is what we hope to accomplish. With our data recovery service, we ensure that we go above and beyond to retrieve your lost data. Whether it be from accidental deletion, a format of a media drive, flash storage wipe, or mechanical or physical damage, we can help!

We also have expedited services to get you back up and running faster. Pricing and information available upon request.


Tier III Recovery: $900.00 + Parts

  • Major Data Recovery (up to 4TB)
  • Damaged heads
  • Seized motor
  • Severe firmware damage
  • Broken connector
  • Broken circuit board
  • Damaged controller
  • Chip-off recovery

Pricing and Service List

Single Drive Recovery Prices (Flash Media, Hard Drive, Solid State Drive, External USB Hard Drive)


Tier I Recovery: $80.00 - $150.00

  • Minor Data Recovery (up to 4TB)
  • ​Deleted files
  • Recovery from old computer which no longer boots.
  • Formatted drive

Tier II Recovery: $350.00

  • Minor Data Recovery (up to 4TB)
  • ​Corrupt file system
  • Formatted drive
  • Bad sectors
  • Minor firmware damage
  • Damaged PCB
  • ​Stuck heads

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What to expect from this service:

  • More affordable data recovery versus other providers.
  • Quick diagnostic of what the problem is.
  • Our No-Fix-No-Fee policy: no recovered data, no charge for the recovery attempt, with exception of when parts are needed.
  • Minimal pre-approved price prior to Tier 2 service, as listed below.
  • If the cost to recover is greater than the minimum price, you will be provided a quote prior to moving forward with the recovery process.
  • Tier 2 and 3 services are done off-site at a professional data recovery facility in Ontario.
  • Shipping and parts needed to be used to repair drive to access data is extra.